Liberal media bias is corrupting my country

I watched as Rick Perry was raked over the coals for a ‘slip up’ in a debate. I watch as Herman Cain was slammed for ‘alleged’ sexual harassment… the assault on these two men was unrelenting and continual like the bullies had found their punching bags and being the bullies that they are, they were going at it hard, as they promoted their agenda.  Then it was Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan that they bullied. Now they go after Marco Rubio over drinking water and compare Ted Cruz to Sen. McCarthy. Next it will be Dr. Ben Carson if he chooses to enter the political realm and threaten their agenda. Watch! Watch it again! They say: Look people see how bad these Republican Conservatives are! Well, I say: This is Crap!

They ignore reporting what is going on in the real world: rape, vandalism, deaths, drugs, etc. while the good old socialist and his ilk support sick, twisted, agenda-filled, mental insanity.

The lying liberal media ignores Obama’s gaffs and actual crimes…Fast and Furious and Obama’s continual lying, con and continual campaign crap. Then the cover up of the Benghazi attack that sacrificed patriotic Americans. The fact that Obama calls the American people lazy and insults us and our country almost daily while saying the business men didn’t build that. The lying liberal media protects their little socialist, puppet as they focus on the inane. Obama and the Liberal media are taking apart America one freedom at a time.

These people are working for Obama and the liberal/progressive agenda.and not the American people. It’s all slanted for the agenda of the liberals as they attack conservatives on all fronts.

He who controls the media controls the nation. “If people in the media cannot decide whether they are in the business of reporting news or manufacturing propaganda, it is all the more important that the public understand that difference, and choose their news sources accordingly.” Thomas Sowell


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