Our Biggest Threat in America

The biggest threats to America are the “terrorists” that are conducting “FINANCIAL WARFARE” in America and other countries of the world, possibly leading to s Global Financial Meltdown. These “terrorists” are a small covert, clandestine, London, European and American based organization operating in the U.S.A. as a supposed “U.S. government agency”. They’re called the Federal Reserve, which is controlled by the most EVIL “terrorists” in the world, the “Elite terrorist” group of criminals, crooks and killers, known as the Illuminati. By the President and Vice president of the U.S.A. and every Senator and Congressman making it appear that the Federal Reserve is a Government Agency, when it’s an independent PRIVATE company, should show the American citizens the extent to which this most dangerous “terrorist” organization CONTROLS the U.S. government!


If the citizens of the U.S.A. do not recognize and root out this small but deadly group of “terrorists”, they will lose not only their country, but also their homes, property, jobs and wealth and suffer hardships never before experienced on American soil. The Illuminati and Federal Reserve are currently the biggest threats to the lives of Americans. The patsy for the bankrupting of the U.S.A. has already been set up in one so-called “terrorist” named Osama Bin Laden, who along with other supposed ‘terrorists” will be the ones blamed for the financial collapse in America and the world.


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