How Democrats are Implementing Communism to Destroy America


Will Rogers,a famous Democrat,used to say “All I know is what I read in the papers.” What he meant was that he made his decisions about the meaning of current events based on what he read and heard in his everyday life.

After seeing the Democratic National Convention, I think they are telling us what they stand for and what they plan for our future. I have read the Communists’ plan for destroying America, and my sense of what has gone on over the past fifty years tells me the Democrats have been working to implement it. See what you think.

The Communists and the Democrats are working together to do the following and have either achieved their goals or are still working toward them. After each comment, the coinciding numbered item on the Communists’ list appears.

Barack Obama has winked at the Russians and told them he will continue to disarm America when he is re-elected. 3

He has increased trade with Communist China. 4

Obama and the Democrats have long since come to represent the goals of Communism. 15

Democrats use the courts to weaken basic American institutions. 16

Get control of schools to teach socialism through control of teachers unions. 17

Infiltrate the press. 20

Control TV and movies. 21

Degrade American culture. 22

Eliminate and/or mock any efforts to control obscenity laws. 24

Present homosexuality as healthy and normal. 26

Attack and destroy organized religion. 27

Discredit the Constitution,saying it is a hindrance and old-fashioned. 29

Discredit our Founding Fathers as selfish aristocrats. 30

Belittle and attack American history 31

Control what mental health is and is not. 32

Infiltrate and control unions. 36

Infiltrate and gain control of big business. 37

Discredit the family as an institution by encouraging adultery and two moms/two dads “families.” 40

Create the impression that street violence and insurrection are legitimate American traditions. 42

Internationalize the Panama Canal. 44

Given the fact that many of these goals lost their meaning with the fall of the Soviet Union, the Democrats have helped the Communists achieve almost half of their goals for destroying us.

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