The Normalization of the “C” Word in America

“The teachings of Communism are directed toward one final result—world revolution and the triumph of international Communism. The achievement of this aim would mean the violent and complete destruction of the American Government. Any person who subscribes to these teachings, regardless of his reason, is working against American democracy and for the benefit of international Communism’s chief leader, Soviet Russia. The “philosophical Communist” who advocates Marxism-Leninism might just as well be working as an agent of a foreign power because he is aiding its cause. He is, in fact, however, being “played for a sucker” by the Communists, who consider him a “dupe,” a person not to be trusted but only to be used and then discarded.” ~ J. Edgar Hoover

Russian TV covers the growing Marxist movement in America – it’s not often that a media outlet calls “progressives” what they really are, as RT America does, here.
Just don’t call them, “unpatriotic”….. here is a link to a video about normalization:

It hasn’t “begun” it has been going on for years.

It went on in the 60′s when college students found that they would not longer get the exemptions that the less fortunate had, joining with Marxists and Jane Fonda aiding enemies and directly leading to the death of millions in southeast Asia.

It went on in the 70′s as Colleges veered left preaching moral equivalence between the Soviets and the US.

It went on in the 80′s when pols like VP Biden and the late Ted Kennedy backed by the media opposed Reagan tooth and nail as he called the Soviet Union what it was and contained and rolled back communism in our own hemisphere.

We had a brief break in the 90′s as the soviets finally collapsed freeing hundreds of millions (while pols who had supported them and academics who considered them superior suddenly claimed they had been against them or expecting this all the time) but the green movement took over trying to advance the same Red system with a green veneer while ignoring the lack of “Green” in places like China and appeasing North Korea.

But I was talking about normalizing the “C” word, Communism, not leftist policies. How many leftists through the years (other than Bill Ayers and Bernie Sanders) have been honest and upfront about what they were? How many referred to themselves as Socialists/Communists/Marxists? Very few. Progressives, (Democrat Socialists, Communists) operate by stealth. They, historically, have not been open about who they are, choosing instead, to implement their Socialist policies incrementally, creating new entitlements conservative legislators find difficult to wean people off of, later on.

Stanley Kurtz wrote about the Socialist network Obama belonged to in Chicago, in his book, Radical-in-Chief: Barack Obama and the Untold Story of American Socialism.:

A little-known Chicago training institute for community organizers, the Midwest Academy, is in many ways the key to Barack Obama’s political rise. The Midwest Academy was closely allied to the DSA, which sponsored the Socialist Scholars conferences in New York. Most Midwest Academy leaders remained quiet about their socialism. Inspired by the success of the American Communist “Popular Front,” and by 19th-century American reformers who used populist and communitarian language to achieve socialist ends through incremental legislative means, the Midwest Academy’s leaders advocated a strategy of stealth.

Now, all of a sudden we see a report about the growing Communist movement in America like it’s just like any other interesting trend, as American as apple pie. The anchor even goes so far as to caution viewers not to doubt their patriotism.

This report wasn’t literally “the beginning”. Newsweak tried to get the ball rolling with their “we’re all Socialists, now” nonsense. Last Fall, we witnessed the openly Socialist “One Nation” march, and two well known commentators admitting that they’re Socialists.

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