Can You Hear Me?

I think things moved along in the Marxist, socialist, One World direction faster than they even anticipated. The sheeple are more stupid than everyone thought. Combine that with revisionist history being taught in the schools and people don’t even know this has happened before in so many countries and it all ended badly. How many people on here alone actually deny the holocaust or think there was never a Cold War? It’s frightening.

Civil unrest is inevitable….they know it….. if you are in denial…..You don’t see the DHS slowing down its drive for more…more money, more power, more weapons….. The officer’s interpretation seems on the mark to me…..

These people are the sparks that will ignite the anger of the nation…..from there; it’s a stone’s throw to getting rid of them altogether…

Such massive organizations are inherently inefficient and wasteful…..It’s merely adding another layer of bureaucracy onto the original services…..what could they have accomplished if the money had gone to them instead?

But back to my point.

Last night I had a dream, I was watching the news. They were live at the stock exchange. The crash was happening; stocks were falling as they filmed. It was the depression all over again.

I think most of us with half a brain know why the stock market is doing so well right now. Because the stupid people didn’t learn when they lost their retirements a few years ago and they are falling for it again, even though the rich are getting out.

It is a setup, it is engineered to put us equal or lower than EU, ripe for blue hat takeover.

I think the all too easy shoot down of the UN gun ban is a trick. Make us feel safe for a bit.

This blog gives me a feeling which for some reason, is represented by the video below.

I hope you don’t mind.

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