The World of Big Brother is Here


When I was in high school, I read “1984”. That was a date far off in the ’60’s. It seemed like a surreal idea and at the time, it was a science fiction idea that could never possibly happen in any reality I knew. That was then and this is now. Today it’s real. Today we have every corner of our lives poked and prodded by various government agencies seeking out anything they deem we should not be saying or doing. Words like Patriot, Constitution, Conservative, and Tea Party are threats to their agenda. Now it is perfectly clear what has happened in Washington, Congress must tow the mark to the administration’s agenda or their utmost, deepest, darkest secrets will be brought forth in a scandalous way. This happened even in our Supreme Court with Justice Roberts and the ruling he made on ObamaCare. General Petraeus was forced from his position by scandal when he wished to go against the administration’s agenda.

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