Flue Shot Story

This is about a young man named Jacob as told on Facebook by his mother:

His work had a mandatory flu shot that he went and got Thursday. By Friday morning Dr. Beiser picked him up at the house and took him to his clinic and ran some test on him. Then this morning we had to rush him to the Emergency Room. Now we just have to wait and see what happens. Hopefully medicine will cure it.

It’s not good Dr. Ervin Seamster said he has a brain virus and has amnesia he could possibly die within 24 hours if medicine doesn’t take a hold. We’re doing everything we can possibly do for him at this moment. Yes please keep us in your prayers for a fast recovery.

I don’t know if the flu shot has caused this or not. But it sure seems like it. He has lost a lot of memory and he still can’t remember anything from one minute to the next.

Jacob is home resting now he was awake most of the night. He has lost a lot of his memory and he was very stressed last night about his job. He remembers he had a job but he struggled remembering who he worked for. He remembers he runs electrical wires and he uses tools. But he’s very nervous about going back to work because he doesn’t remember anything else about what his job is. He doesn’t remember how to do his job. Please keep Jacob in your prayers that he regains his memory, his strength, and his health.

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